Things I don’t like

1. Bringing up my weight- you look the skinniest I’ve ever seen you

-stop let me be me, I don’t want to start second guessing my weight because people comment on it

2.Bringing up the fact I am not going to college *AT THE MOMENT 

-I took a year off, I did NOT drop out. Again, year off, Its called a leave of absence 

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Schizophrenics are much less likely to recognize the sound of their own voice. (via psych-facts)

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Morbid Anatomy: May 2008 su We Heart It.

the sin of Moses

Photograph by Jeff Holt.
found my new favorite drug at bisco


Sasssss (((;


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I wanna re-start my tumblr. Since taking my relationship with Robb more seriously, I have stepped aside from my once tumblr life. While I have been away from tumblr my life has changed drastically. I recently tripped on three tabs of acid from the 70s, and it really changed my life. If I focus my time on a tumblr again, I wanna be expanding my knowledge of various different topics. I want to use my tumblr as a key for growth, so I will start unfollowing a good amount of the people I am following. So here starts the journey through tumblr once again. It has been quite a while, but I am ready to document my life, and my experiences and well as learn and explore different realms as well.  

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